The design concept is derived from the pandemic situation in 2020 which issues new challenges to all of us. Encounters in real life are brought to a minimum which leaves us getting along with new online tools determining our daily lifes as well as our creative workflow. Default shapes, primary colors and screens become the base of a Mash-Up, a cyber organism, which is continiusly growing to an independent existence.


“Create” is an art film – a staging of the creative process of creation, the creative birth.
Fluid animations in water are combined with corporeality. The implementation in real video recordings adds a special naturalness to the film. The music underlines these images with choral sounds, with the thought of the human voice as the primordial sound – in interaction with the tones of a prepared piano.

Live Visuals: Fatcat

Bigger, shinier and funkier than ever!
I produced visuals for a concert video shoot to play the LED panels on the stage. The band is immersed in a funky spectrum of colors giving the audience those disco vibes of the 70s. The visuals were controlled live in order to be able to respond directly to the music.


„Mehr“ (eng.: more) tells a story about our never-ending hunting for happiness. The world never stands still. Shapes, goals and expectations are constantly changing. We are stuck in an eternal circle of desire on our search for more.


The “Stelzenbummler” project is about the change of communication through media penetration of our everyday life. As an illustrated character, the „Stelzenbummler“ ties in with the meme culture of the Internet and thus makes a contribution to the functionality of friendship in digital space. In doing so, he makes reference to current world events in a non-strenuous way.

Hyper Sensory Reality

HYPER SENSUAL REALITY is a fashion installation that uses neurotechnology to create a connection between the sensuality and limitation of the physical world and the flow of digital information.