Sunshine Reel

Motion Design Showreel 2021

Motion Design & Editing

Rebecca Zahor


Hannes Britz


Hi 🙂 I'm Rebecca and my heart belongs to mographs <3. After I earned a bachelor’s degree in New Media (Merz Akademie Stuttgart) I decided to shift my focus to Motion Design (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg). My work is bold, vibrant, colorful, and fun – just like my personality. My projects often center around interactive and generative design, creative coding, spatial communication and installations. When it comes to animation, I also really like frame-by-frame animation because it has this handmade feeling to it. As for my clients, I enjoy working with creative artists and musicians in terms of music videos or live visuals.

“Go big or go home” – I think it’s very important for a designer or artist to not be afraid to fail. Also, mistakes happen anyway so why make a big deal out of it? In the end, projects will always turn out to be great. I promise xx

Get in touch if you
- have an immaculate taste in music and want to share some songs
- want to grab some beers and hang
- are excited to deep dive into new project ideas